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Beyond this place, there be dragons! Do dragons exist? What’s it like to live in a castle? It’s time to explore the fantastical world of dragons and castles. This half term, we’ll visit and explore a castle and its grounds. Will we find a medieval sword or a dragon’s footprint? Back in the classroom, we’ll identify the different parts of a castle and learn about the people and animals who lived there. We’ll move like dragons and unearth dragon eggs from the sand. What will we find inside? We’ll dress up in royal finery and as knights, sticking to the knight’s code by working together and being kind. In our literacy lessons, we’ll create and label castle picture cards and identify rhyming words in dragon poetry. In our maths lessons, we’ll count gold coins into numbered dragon jars and move brave miniature knights from 1–20. Can we stick to the correct order? Getting creative, we’ll draw dragons, try out some hoop weaving and make a friendly dragon to protect our classroom. Roar! At the end of the project, we’ll come to school in castle-themed fancy dress and carry out our duties: making bread, sweeping hay in the stables and polishing silver in the great hall!



Did Dragons Exist