Welcome to Year 1!

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CE 1

I am looking forward to a lovely year with Year 1 and would like to tell you about the weekly routine. Please continue to use the ClassDojo and home-school books. Use this books for any notes, messages, and questions- you can share family events, news etc. Please place any money sent into school in an envelope in their folder and make a note in the book of the amount and purpose. Please encourage independence by allowing your child to hang their coat and bag on the pegs outside the classroom and bring their home school link book into class each morning. Mrs King will be there to greet and direct your child into the classroom whilst I am available every morning.

Information will be placed on the Class Dojo or placed in their home-school link books.

Class teacher- Mr Evans

Teacher Assistant- Mrs King


  • We ‘show and tell’ items relating to interests, themes & hobbies on FRIDAY.
  • We aim to start the day with a brisk 'mile a day'  walk around the school grounds. 
  • Could you please provide plain shorts and a white t-shirt clearly labelled which can be kept in school. PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Children must wear their uniform to school and change into their P.E kit.
  • Please ensure the home school book and any reading books, letters and sounds are kept in the folder and brought into school every day. If you can read or share songs, stories or poetry with your child everyday this will really help. I would be very grateful if you could write in the home school book when you share a book together at home.
  • Water and milk are available during the day and everyone is encouraged to drink often. Please purchase a school water bottle (£2.50) or provide your own bottle.
  • Fruit can be brought into school or bought for 30p from the ‘fruit shop’.
  • Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled.
  • Could you ensure that I am aware of any changes in address, telephone numbers or medical information as soon as possible?
  • Any further information you require please ask.


Many thanks

Mr Evans and Mrs King