Cardiff Tales

Cardiff is a stunning capital city steeped in history. Are you ready to explore? During this half term, we’ll visit Cardiff and take in the sights and sounds or hear firsthand about the jostling city from a travel agent. We’ll research Cardiff’s magnificent landmarks, using coordinates to identify them on a map and exploring how they have changed over time. Once we’re more familiar with Cardiff’s remarkable buildings, we’ll sketch and label them and use a computer to superimpose ourselves into images. We’ll make a version of Cardiff’s Animal Wall using modelling clay and cut out pictures, and sell our wares at our own Riverside Farmer’s Market. To further our research, we’ll Skype a school in Cardiff and find out all about Billy the Seal, using percussion instruments to play along to ‘his’ folk song. The entertaining childhood story of Cardiff’s local hero, Roald Dahl, will be read to us and we’ll create our own humorous tales. At the end of the project, we’ll share our learning with you. We’ll decide if Cardiff is similar or different to where we live and create TV adverts to promote Cardiff.

Help your child prepare for their project

Cardiff is a city brimming with possibilities. Why not plan a visit together, making a list of all the things you would do? You could also get crafty and make a scrapbook, filling it with pictures and useful information about the capital. Alternatively, choose a story by Roald Dahl to read together and write a short review.



Cardiff Tles