This project has a design and technology focus and teaches children about the properties of different materials, a range of mechanisms and forces, and aspects of water and coastal safety. At the heart of this project children will learn how to write narrative stories and additional skills in recording scienti c tests and enquiries.

In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by designing and making their own lifeboats to rescue cargo from Captain Buttons’ sinking ship

In this project the children will learn:

• About simple mechanisms such as pulleys, levers and joints; 

• About forces (push, pull, oating and sinking);
• About the properties of different materials;
• How to conduct a fair test;

• About water transport through the ages and across the world; 

• About aspects and features of the Welsh coastline;
• How to use a range of sources to find information;
• How to write and re-tell narrative stories.