Do you believe in dragons? How about fairies and giants? It’s time to uncover the magic and mystery of Wales! During this half term, we’ll receive a visit from a professional storyteller who will tell us about the fascinating legend of Gelert and bring the story to life through performance. We’ll explore the key features of myths and legends and investigate the Arthurian tales of the Welsh flag’s red dragon and the Knights of the Round Table. We’ll even discuss important matters around our own round table and write imaginative endings to knightly tales. The legends of fearsome giants, crafty lake monsters and mischievous fairies will also be introduced to us. We’ll stomp like giants, use clay to model monsters and take fairy photographs, uploading them to magical newspaper articles. We’ll listen to Welsh triple harp tunes, learn to dance the ‘Lucky Seven’ and race around the school grounds to track down Black Bart’s treasure using a map and coordinates. At the end of the project, we’ll evaluate our myths and legends and collate them into one big class book.