Castles and Dragons

This project has a history focus and teaches children about aspects of the middle ages of Welsh history between 1063 and 1283, a period that is generally known as Medieval Times. In this project children will learn about significant aspects of Welsh history including the Welsh Princes of the time and the four provinces of Gwynedd, Powys, Deheubarth and Morgannwg. The project will explore the Princes’ lifestyles, their homes and castles and their role in society. At the heart of this project children read, write and re-tell myths and legends and create their own stories in the same style. Children will learn additional skills in presenting and recounting historical information.

In this project the children will learn:

  • About the period 1063 to 1283 including the lives of the rich and poor; 

  • How to use a range of historical source materials to find out 
information about the past; 

  • How to order things chronologically; 

  • About significant Welsh figures that shaped this period of history; 

  • About the castles of Wales, their building, function and importance in the past and present times; 

  • About cultural identity of Wales; 

  • About the features of myths and legends and how to write one of 
their own; 

  • How to use a range of mathematical, technological and artistic skills to create artefacts and models on an historical theme.