The Iron Age Celts of Wales were exceptional warriors and craftsmen. Let’s travel back in time to meet them! During this half term, we’ll visit either an Iron Age museum or a reconstructed settlement to find out what life was like for the Celts in the Iron Age. Back in the classroom, we’ll find out more about Celtic family life, childhood, leadership, the Druids and the ‘Otherworld’. Outside, we’ll gather mud, clay, twigs and straw to build mini roundhouses and stoke the flames of a fire pit as we prepare an Iron Age feast. We’ll act as Celts, choreographing a slow-motion fight sequence between Celtic warriors, dressing up in classic Iron Age fashions and modelling and decorating sacrificial gifts for the Druid gods out of clay. Then it’s back to the future where we’ll act as archaeologists, tracking down Iron Age artefacts and discovering the mysteries of ‘bog bodies’. At the end of the project, we’ll reflect on what we have learnt about the Celts and create an informative display which you’ll be invited to visit. We’ll also write imaginative accounts of the ruthless Roman invasion of Britain from a Celt’s perspective.