We’re going on a magical journey to find the gold hidden somewhere on Alchemy Island.

This half term, a mysterious visitor will arrive to present us with artefacts from the island. Reading stories set in fantasy worlds will inspire our story openings. We’ll manipulate digital photographs, adding fantastical special effects. Our geography skills will improve as we look closely at maps of Alchemy Island, plotting routes and using coordinates. We’ll examine samples from the island, explore the properties of materials and experiment with changes of state. If we’re going to find gold, we’d better find out all about it! In English we’ll write soliloquies and poems inspired by the island’s magical powers and dramatic landscape. The coding programme Scratch will help us to plot and correct errors in our route, and we’ll use technology to create beautiful digital images. We’ll compose raps and use sound effects and mood music to reflect the atmosphere on Alchemy Island. 

At the end of the project, we’ll perform songs about our amazing adventure and present what we have learned. We’ll design a map for a new app and a board game based on our adventures. 

ILP focus Expressive arts
Languages, literacy and communication Fantasy narrative, non-chronological reports, soliloquies, poetry, lyrics
Expressive arts Composing, recording and editing software, atmospheric music, graphic scores
Science and technology Electrical circuits, designing a board game, digital photography, debugging programs, gaming, properties and changes of materials, working scientifically
Humanities Map reading, using co-ordinates, using human and physical features
Mathematics and numeracy Using co-ordinates, measurement

Help your child prepare for their project

Start your mysterious journey to Alchemy Island at home! Why not investigate foods together that change state when they are heated or cooled? You could also visit the library to find a book to read together which is set in a fantasy world. Alternatively, create a map of your own fantasy island – what landmarks will you include?